Find listed below sites in which we have found helpful material.  We, of course, may not wholeheartedly endorse everything from these sites, but have found spiritual tools for the Christian on the sites.

Abby formerly managed a Planned Parenthood Center until God interrupted her life.

Simply stated, our purpose is to get God's word into the hearts and minds of people using the most efficient means at our disposal. Radio and the internet remain the most cost-effective tools for reaching people with the Gospel and teaching them 24 hours a day.

Lots of conservative Bible aids.

Over 5500 churches across America have used Bible Truth Music. All of our music is Christ-centered, Bible-based, and within reach of the average church choir! Our writers and arrangers are some of the finest. They include Harold DeCou, W. Elmo Mercer, Glenn & Jan Christianson, Brett Bedwell, Larry Brubaker, Mike Zachary, and Michael Hill in addition to Byron and Renee Foxx.

This is a site with helpful materials for pastors and teachers.

Dr. Sanders is known for his Bible exposition and expository style of preaching. Dr. and Mrs. Sanders continue to make their home in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Dr. Adams, in his 80s, is actively blogging.

    To help national pastors and their congregations discover, develop, aggressively pursue and effectively maintain a thoroughly biblical philosophy of great commission ministry. 

Brother Stevens has a unique, down-to-earth, simple faith approach to the Scriptures.  His teaching is very easily understood and practical for the Christian life.

FBN can be heard worldwide 24 hours a day! Listen today by shortwave at 
WTJC 9370 kHz.

For forty years Dr. Jay Adams has been at the forefront of a movement calling pastors and other Christian workers back to the Scriptures in their counseling ministry. Beginning with the publication of his bookin 1970, Dr. Adams has been demonstrating the importance of understanding the sufficiency of the Word to bring about the kind of change the pleases God and genuinely helps the counselee. Dr. Adams has devoted his life to teaching others how to effectively minister the Word as an author, seminary professor, denominational executive, popular lecturer, and as a pastor.

Top of the line Bible study tool for computer.

Very Helpful site for any scripture passage by Dr. MacArthur

Pathway is a strong, biblical outreach to college students in Central North Carolina.  Pathway is also assisting churches and colleges in several other countries.

A bi-annual meeting of church leaders committed to “rightly dividing the Word of Truth” to this generation.

Lots of conservative material.

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions is a missions service agency, serving local churches by assisting them in getting their missionaries to the field.

Our ministry is to maintain a mission agency that promotes the work of missions through presenting needy fields, surveying new fields, enlisting laborers, and assisting missionaries on deputation and on the field. We seek to awaken a vision of the needs of the world through printed materials, personal interviews, and mission conferences.