Brookhaven Baptist Church is a small, friendly church committed to traditional worship.  We believe our worship services should be a gift of love and praise to God.  We place a very high value on the Supremacy of Scripture in our public worship; sermons are expository in nature, explaining and applying the Scripture to everyday life.  Music at Brookhaven remains conservative and traditonal -- we believe church music should reflect a proper view of God and His desires for music, not just an entertainment to please us.  We place a strong emphasis on family worshipping together.  All said, our worship is considered by some as old-fashioned, out-dated, and just too conservative -- and that is just how we like it!

There is still a light shining in the darkness of so-called worship today.   If you are looking for a church that is not changing with every new whim and fad, stop by to visit and to worship with us at Brookhaven real soon!