Dr. John O'Malley
November 16-19, 2014
Sunday:  11:00 AM & 6:30 pm
Monday-Wednesday:  7:30 pm
Dr. O'Malley will be our Guest Preacher for both services on Sunday and each evening, Monday - Wednesday.  Brother Joh is an inspirational preacher and will bless your heart with a thorough study of a Bible passage each service.  He has served as a missionary in Grenada, and he presently is the General Director of World Wide New Testament Baptist Mission.  Please join us for a spiritually beneficial week!

Rev. Cletis Titus

February 8-11, 2015
Sunday: 11:00 AM & 6:30 pm
Monday-Wednesday: 7:30 pm
Brother Cletis is a relatively new friend to our church.  He pastored the Edgefield Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC for many years.  He subsequently served in Jamaica and was effect in church planting and college ministries while there.  Today, he oversees ongoing College classes on the island and acts as a Special Representative for Baptist Mid Missions.  You will enjoy his preaching.  Join us for this Missions Revival.